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Zynga and Time Inc.’s People® Partner for the Debut of Crosswords With Friends




We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Time Inc.’s People, the leading authority on celebrity, pop culture and entertainment news, for the launch of Crosswords With Friends, the latest addition to our With Friends games collections. The free-to-play Crosswords With Friends game is available today on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iMessage and on Google Play for Android devices.

From the team who brought Words With Friends to hundreds of millions of players around the globe, Crosswords With Friends tests players’ brain power with fresh, topical puzzles delivered daily. Whether it’s Movie Monday, Top 40 Thursday or Sports Fan Friday, there are more ways than ever before to demonstrate your pop culture prowess. Through a cross-platform partnership with People, every Sunday, players can test their celebrity knowledge with an exclusive People crossword featuring themes inspired by the brand’s iconic franchises, including Sexiest Man Alive, World’s Most Beautiful and Red Carpet as well as its vertical content (PeopleStyle, PeopleRoyals, PeoplePets), and more.

In the Crosswords With Friends iMessage app, players can experience all the fun of crosswords right where they are already chatting with their friends and family. Crosswords With Friends also seamlessly connects to Words With Friends, allowing fans to simultaneously test their vocabulary and entertainment trivia skills in two unique wordie experiences.

Check out Crosswords With Friends today and show your friends whose pop culture knowledge reigns supreme!

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P-L-A-Y Your Way to Victory in Words With Friends on Messenger!


Calling all wordies! Starting today, you can now play Words With Friends for Instant Games on Messenger!

As the first-ever turn-based game on Messenger, players can now have all the fun Words With Friends offers, right where they are already connecting with friends from around the world. Now players can make moves directly on Messenger and Facebook, invite connections from their friends list and play faster than ever before with a compact game board and fewer tiles. Exclusive to Words With Friends for Instant Games on Messenger is a convenient Games List that allows players to track all of their games in one place, a first for any Words With Friends experience on a messaging platform.

With every turn of Words With Friends, players receive real-time updates with words played and points scored, delivering a dynamic and engaging experience that is true to the ways they are already connecting on Messenger. Words With Friends features notifications that seamlessly remind players when to make their next move. And, for the first time ever in Words With Friends, all connections within a Messenger group can watch the exciting wordie gameplay unfold while simultaneously chatting about strategy, amplifying the overall social experience of the game.

For more information on Words With Friends, visit the game’s community channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

May the best (Facebook) friend win!

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Battle of the GIFs! Zynga Launches GIFs Against Friends on the App Store for iMessage



Get your GIFs ready! We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched GIFs Against Friends, the ultimate mobile party game and the latest addition to our iMessage app collection, including Words With Friends.

Developed in collaboration with Tenor, the largest and fastest-growing mobile GIF sharing platform, the group game is available to play today within Apple’s Messages app and can be downloaded today on the App Store for iMessage.

GIFs Against Friends curates the perfect GIF through a deep integration with Tenor’s full search API, allowing players to access the entire collection of hilarious, iconic GIFs. In GIFs Against Friends, players kick off the GIF gameplay by sending a pre-selected or custom prompt to friends directly in Messages. Once they’ve received the prompt, up to 32 players can anonymously submit their choice for the most fitting GIF to the entire group. The group chat judge then selects the funniest, most relevant or undeniably accurate GIF and crowns the ultimate GIF champion. At the end of each round, the winning GIF is shared within the iMessage conversation for the whole group to see.

Check out GIFs Against Friends today and let the GIF games begin!



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