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How you’re helping the children of Haiti

by on April 12, 2010

The check for over $580,000 was just received in Haiti yesterday and I wanted to show you what a huge difference the FarmVille farmers will make to this community. Below are pictures of the kitchen where NO food has been offered for a long, long time, and the money that you helped raised through the FarmVille Sweet Seeds campaign, will go towards the restoration of this kitchen and making sure there’s food for everyone. In fact, the ovens will be paid for tomorrow!

Thanks to Laura Hartman who is on site and helping Zynga accomplish our goals with, we’re able to actually see how your Sweet Seeds donations are helping the greater good. We’re on track for meals to be served to the kids in this community in January.

Our second campaign is running right now, where you can purchase more Sweet Seeds–Sweet Corn, in fact.

Thanks to everyone for making this happen! The Sweet kids of Haiti are so thankful!

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