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Welcome to Mafia Wars Bangkok!

by on April 12, 2010

I'm really excited to let everyone know about Mafia Wars' latest and greatest expansion to Bangkok! Just launched, this new city destination is the first major expansion that is accessible to early players, yet definitely challenging enough for high level players. I think our very own Mafia Wars team member Mike Humphrey summed this one up best below.

And here's a write-up from that you should check out:


"Sawatdee! The
latest expansion city for Mafia Wars will grant players the opportunity to
expand their criminal empire into the heart of Southeast Asia – the capital
city of Thailand, Bangkok! Upon their arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport, aspiring
crime bosses will need to immediately establish a presence in the city. Their
efforts will not go unnoticed, however. The Japanese Yakuza and Chinese Triad
criminal organizations already have substantial interests in the region, so
establishing a good relationship with one or the other will be key to success
in Bangkok.

Mafia Wars:
Bangkok introduces a brand new faction system, where completing certain jobs
and defeating players who have aligned with the opposite faction will allow the
player to earn reputation with the criminal enterprise they have chosen to side
with. Increased reputation will unlock one of two final episodes, located in
Hong Kong or Tokyo, depending on their reputation with each faction. However,
betrayal is always an option for players. If they grow tired of helping one
faction, they can complete certain jobs for the other side and attack and
defeat members of their own faction. Doing so will improve their standing with
their new friends while slowly decreasing reputation with their old allies.

we are including a brand new faction store where players can purchase a
selection of special armor, weapons, vehicles, and even a unique business that
produces boosts. New items for purchase will become unlocked as the player
improves their reputation with their chosen faction. Each of the factions in
Bangkok has adopted a different strategy:

  • The Yakuza
    believe that the best defense is a good offense, and offer aggressive
    players a selection of items to enhance their attack power.
  • The Triads
    prefer caution, forcing their enemies to fight where the Triads are
    strongest; they offer defensive players new items to improve their ability
    to fend off attacks.

We also plan
to introduce additional items to the faction store in the coming months to
ensure that supporting a faction remains an important element of play in the

Mafia Wars: Bangkok will be accessible to players of a lower level than
previous expansions. Players level 18 and above who have discovered the items
to unlock the expansion – the Yakuza Sake, Triad Coin, Thai Note – can obtain
their Passport and travel to the new city. In order to create a system that
remains challenging to higher level players, but still allows lower level
players to progress, we have discounted energy costs, and reduced experience
payouts as appropriate, on a sliding scale for players between levels 18 and
200. This means that lower level players can still progress through the new
jobs, although not quite as quickly as more experienced players. Above level
200, energy costs and experience payouts for completing jobs will remain fixed.

Finally, Mafia Wars: Bangkok will include much more of what our players enjoy:
4 episodes packed with dozens of jobs including 4 faction-based jobs per
episode, 2 unlockable episodes, tons of new items, an assortment of businesses
to muscle in on, as well as collection sets and achievements. We hope both new
and veteran players will enjoy the expansion as much as we enjoyed creating it."


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