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Report For Duty Soldier

by on June 1, 2011

Zynga strikes again – Hooah! This morning we launched our newest game, Empires & Allies, around the world. This is our first strategy combat game, where players can conquer the world through battles, building and bargaining with their friends. Empires & Allies is available in 12 different languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Turkish and Traditional Chinese – as well as Malay, Korean and Norwegian for the first time.

In Empires & Allies, players find their once-peaceful island-nation destroyed in an overnight raid by an evil group of villains known only as the Dark Alliance, led by a mysterious figure know as “The Raven.” Believe us when we tell you, he is one bad mamajama. Once the rubble from the attack on your empire is cleared, build your empire’s population back up, mobilize your forces, and launch your counterattack! Fight through 14 different villains to reach the final showdown with The Raven, making your way through enemies such as Kai Tana, a cunning temptress with a tongue as sharp as her blade and Captain Krunsch, an old school seaman who relishes taking out his enemies the old-fashioned way: with his bare, arthritic hands.

So tell us soldier, are you a lover or a fighter? Choose to help your buddies build their empires and get Honor Points or launch a surprise invasion and occupy their game board earning Infamy Points. See your friends pop-up in your nation in real-time and enlist them in combat to launch devastating special attacks and watch your enemies crumble.

Now strap on your combat boots, recruit your friends, stop reading this post and go out and build your empire. Your nation needs you!

EandA Group

EandA Launch

What are you still doing here? Get moving cadet!

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