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Just Hanging Out

by on June 6, 2011

Fresh on the heels of Empires & Allies and GagaVille, we’re very excited to announce that today the studio behind Words With Friends will begin to roll out Hanging With Friends, a new take on the classic game of Hangman that introduces new elements of entertainment, strategy and of course some healthy competition. Hanging With Friends challenges players to take turns creating and guessing words to creatively stump friends. We hope you’re ready for a little vocab strategery (Hanging With Friends requires the use of real words, blog posts do not).

Players choose their avatar from a lineup of delightfully colorful characters and then join their opponents in a competition to stump one another with selected words and ultimately see who can hang on the longest. Hanging on to what, you may ask. Balloons, five of them per player at the start of each game. Guess correctly and survive until the next round – guess wrong, lose one of your balloons, and risk plummeting to an ego-damaging loss.

Like other games in the With Friends family, Hanging With Friends encourages players to get out there and get social. In-game chat allows for some fun smack talk, and players can connect find challengers through their existing With Friends account, via Facebook Connect, or random opponent search. And don’t worry about leaving friends hanging, players move at their own pace and can play up to 20 simultaneous games.

We know it’ll be tough to pull yourself away from your Words With Friends games, but you know how to multitask and just think, this is another way to show your friends and family how ridiculously intelligent you are.

Hanging with Friends launches today in Canada, but hang in there. We’ll be launching on iOS platforms (iPhones and iPads) as a free or premium download from the Apple App Store soon!

Screenshot - Balloons

Hanging With Friends - Character

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