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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

by on June 15, 2011

More mobile? You’ve got it! Following the launch of Hanging With Friends, today we are excited to announce our second mobile-first game in less than two weeks with the launch of CityVille Hometown for the iOS platform, which is also the first mobile game localized in multiple languages including French, Italian, German and Spanish. CityVille Hometown has familiar game elements players know and love from all Zynga games and adds a unique, small town twist — on the go. New residents will embark on an exciting adventure to create a bustling town and build a community.


Get to know the cast of characters who will guide you through the growth of your hometown including Kate, Bert and Gilda, and choose the neighbors that will be an integral part of your community. Build your hometown with businesses and houses and visit friends to help create a tight knit community.


CityVille Hometown launches as early as this week in Canada and will be available globally in five languages in the coming weeks. We’ll be launching on iOS platforms (iPhones and iPads) as a free download from the Apple App Store soon, and then you can finally say “would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor?”


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