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Words With Friends Makes New Friends on F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K

by on August 5, 2011

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Words With Friends, the mobile word game adored by all – from the Hollywood elite (ahem: Alec Baldwin; Jessica Alba; Seth MacFarlane) to millions of players worldwide – is now available on Facebook.

Words With Friends on Facebook marks a Zynga milestone: the first time we’ve moved a game from mobile to Facebook. If you haven't heard of Words With Friends, it combines classic and competitive word building with social gaming and provides fun and (usually) friendly competition. Words with Friends on Facebook opens the game up to even more players and makes the game playable across multiple platforms (iOS and Android).

Check out the game here:

Words With Friends on Facebook has the game’s current features and functionality with additional social features, including:

  • Brag feeds: publicly call out friends on their wall after scoring a 97-pointer, getting a triple letter, triple word, or just generally owning them
  • Facebook requests that notify friends when it’s their turn
  • The ability to post new game challenges on your friends’ walls

Not only that, now you can “seamlessly” move from playing Words with Friends in the bathroom to your desk. (Don’t lie. We know you’ve done it.)

Let’s p-l-a-y!


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