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Into the Great Wide Open: The Pioneer Trail Launches Today

by on August 12, 2011

Beaver Valley

Alright, FrontierVille fans, it’s time to hitch up ‘yer wagons, arm ‘yer muskets and stockpile ‘dem rations!

Today, we’re very excited to announce the launch of The Pioneer Trail an all-new chapter to our popular wilderness-taming, wild west-exploring game, FrontierVille. The Pioneer Trail is a brand new game where players outfit their wagons and traverse three distinct maps – Beaver Valley, High Plains and Avalanche Pass – to reach the safe confines of Fort Courage.

Players set out by selecting three skilled friends as part of their Trail Crew – doctor, carpenter and hunter, each with special abilities. They choose their way through a rich story filled with twists, turns and all sorts critters and characters, unlocking trail points along the way.

The Pioneer Trail is chock full of new features never before seen in a Zynga game: 

  • Plot Twists: After casting off on the trail, players soon learn of a mysterious kidnapping by the notorious Gratchett Gang. The story unfolds gradually as players come across new clues. 
  • HUGE Game Board: The Pioneer Trail is about five times the size of past Zynga games, immersing players in a giganterous game board. It’s also the first Zynga game to allow progression across multiple maps and changing environments. 
  • New Social Mechanic – Less is More: The Pioneer Trail places emphasis on a brand new social mechanic. Players select an intimate group of up to three friends to help them along the trail. This places a strategic twist on friend selection: players whose friends are more active progress faster throughout the game.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: The Pioneer Trail features several different ways to move through the story. The choices that players make determine how they’ll fair as they journey across mysterious and treacherous lands. After players play through a certain map, they can play it again and receive an entirely different outcome.
  • New Scoring System: The Pioneer Trail introduces a brand-new scoring system to the game; players earn trail points on the road to Fort Courage. Players are ranked against all other trail blazers – and can play the game over-and-over to get a higher score.

FrontierVille faithful will find their homesteads safe and sound but now located now at the base of The Pioneer Trail. They can choose to continue tending to their homesteads or embark on the trail, where adventure and intrigue awaits.

We hope that our players have as much fun playing The Pioneer Trail as we had building it. We listen every day to the feedback of our players and work hard to build features that they’ll love. The Pioneer Trail launches today on Facebook. Visit to ‘git on the trail!

Be sure to check out some of the screens below to see what awaits!

High Plains:

High Plains

Avalanche Pass:

Avalanche Pass

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