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Zynga’s Excellent Adventure: Grabbing Life by the Boulders

by on September 8, 2011

Adventure World Logo

Pop quiz, hotshot: What do you get when you combine machetes, pickaxes and whips with dynamite, grappling hooks and cargo shorts? No, not the back-to-school shopping list for Bear Grylls, Jr.

Why, it’s Adventure World, Zynga’s newest game!

Available today at, Adventure World unlocks a whole wide world of exploration and puzzle-solving fun, where players battle nasty critters and work with their friends to navigate dangerous quests and discover the lost secrets of El Dorado.

After players customize a 3-D avatar and stockpile an inventory of specialized adventure tools and gadgets, the game quickly sets off on a runaway mine cart of adventure.

When entering a dark, cave filled creepy spiders, you best bring some friends along for protection. Adventure World introduces a new social mechanic that let’s players hand-select and control a crew of up to 12 Facebook friends across their game boards. Using a friends’ special tools and abilities, players can easily dispatch enemies, unlock puzzles and progress across treacherous terrain.

We call the game Adventure World for a good reason. By size alone, it’s the largest and most feature-rich game that Zynga has ever released at launch. It spans five worlds – Deep Jungle, Mountain, Cavern, Volcano and El Dorado – and includes more than 30 dynamic environments.

If you think size doesn’t matter, better duck out of the way of this fact bomb because it’s coming in fast:

  • How big is big?: The Adventure World game board is more than 40 times the size of past Zynga games, such as FarmVille.
  • What’s worse than snakes? Angry snakes: There are more than 1,000 distinct art assets including five kinds of snakes, four kinds of spiders, and two kinds of rams – all with different levels of irritability.
  • Deep Storyline: contains a storyline that only a world of its size can contain. The designers of Adventure World have written over 200 quests and hand-placed over 20,000 objects across 30 maps.
  • You Do You, and I’mma Do Me: The game supports an endless amount of character customization. Player can chose from over 10,000 different avatar variations at launch.

To build a world of this size and a game with this much interactive goodness, Zynga Boston, the studio behind the game, built a brand new game engine from scratch. It’s this engine that allows you to get lost in and effortlessly skip through a game with this much detail and level of gameplay.

Adventure World will be available at in eight languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Norwegian.

Grab life by the boulders and check out Adventure World today. Also be sure to check out some of the stunning gameplay screens below.







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