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Indiana Jones Whips His Way onto Adventure World!

by on September 16, 2011


Alright adventurers, time to hold on to those sweet, suede fedoras. We have a runaway boulder of excitement to share.

Zynga is proud to announce that we’re teaming up with Lucasfilm to bring Indiana Jones - the KING of lost idol hunting, bull whipping, holy grail-ing and flying (but not landing) – to your favorite adventure game. Adventure World: An Indiana Jones Game will be coming soon to a browser near you. Adventure World unlocks a whole wide world of exploration, discovery and puzzle-solving fun, and the world just wouldn’t be the same without the icon that defines adventure as we know it.

A very special integration with Indiana Jones is starting in October. But don’t wait to grab life by the boulders! Play Adventure World now at: Check out our Facebook fan page for more info:

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