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Android Fans – Time to get off the edge of your seat!

by on September 20, 2011

Hwfandroid (6)

Have you been defying physics with your hang time? Well get ready for some serious competition with the launch of Hanging With  Friends in the Android Market, giving players even more people to push over the edge. Hanging With Friends will now be available cross-platform, giving players on Android and iOS devices the ability to play against a bigger pool of friends, foes, family and random opponents. With even more friends to connect with through existing With Friends accounts and Facebook Connect, we hope you make the cut with your favorite opponents and their 20 simultaneous games. Your favorite features will be the same across both platforms, including in-game chat (ahem…smack talk) and push notifications to let you know when you’re up.

If you’ve been hanging out with the wrong crowd and haven’t heard about Hanging with Friends, listen up! Players choose their avatar from a lineup of delightfully colorful characters and then join their opponents in a competition to stump one another with selected words and ultimately see who can hang on the longest. Hanging on to what, you may ask. Balloons, five of them per player at the start of each game. Guess correctly and survive until the next round – guess wrong, lose one of your balloons, and risk plummeting to an ego-damaging loss.

Android fans, we know you’ve been waiting very patiently, so thanks for hanging in there with us! Go to the Android Market today and prove that you can hang with the big dogs!

Download today at:  

Check out the screens here: Hanging With Friends - Screen shot - Queue


Hanging With Friends - Screen shot - Victory

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