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Mafia Wars 2: Welcome to the dark side of social games

by on October 10, 2011

Game Splash Screen_

If Zynga games embodied a peaceful world filled with quaint cities, gorgeous farms and rolling frontiers, well then what we’re showing you today comes from the wrong side of the tracks. Meet Mafia Wars 2: the social game that just made parole.

Available today at, Mafia Wars 2 is Zynga’s first-ever direct sequel, which means we’re repeat offenders when it comes to building awesome franchises. In Mafia Wars 2 players will be introduced to an immersive world made up of ruthless characters and deep storylines.

Allow us to set the mood. Your story begins in the sinful world of modern-day Vegas where, fresh out of jail for a crime you claim you didn’t commit, you’re soon betrayed by the few people you trust most. Drunk on revenge (that's not the late-night taco run drunk), you must rise up to seize control of what’s rightfully yours.

Built by several members of the veteran team that created Mafia Wars, one of Zynga’s earliest and most-popular franchises, Mafia Wars 2 brings a new twist to gameplay and social mechanics.

The game places a core emphasis on player vs. player fighting and is wrapped in a gritty art style, like a graphic novel come alive. Players progress in Mafia Wars 2 in three distinct ways:

  • Lock Your Land:  Build your turf to collect cash and keep your hands clean by hiring a staff to do your dirty work. And personalize your turf; make it home. Mafia Wars 2 features over 100 decorations for players to personalize their home turf. You can build casinos, knock-off DVD stores, banks and (ahem) “grow houses.”
  • Savage Saga: Travel across seven worlds – Casino Row, Granite Square, Neon Strip, Downtown, Bluebird Meadows, Boxer Island and Westside Wharf – to seek revenge, take on crime bosses and build your empire.
  • Battles & Bloodshed:  The game features three fight arenas at launch – Bone yard, Badlands and Area 51 – where you can fight asynchronously and attempt to rob random rivals in the game. Friends (crew members) can be called on to help defend your turf when it’s under attack and repair it after damage is dealt. After a rival is robbed, they’re added to the attacking player’s rival bar, where they can be targeted again.

Mafia Wars 2 marks one of the highest-levels of customization for a Zynga game at launch, providing players with more than 300 different types of weapons, armor and vehicles. You can outfit distinct fighting classes by amassing weapons, armor and abilities to help them in battle. You can also generate over 20 million unique looks for your avatar, including over 600 pieces of clothing.

Mafia Wars 2 is available today on in 16 languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Japanese and Thai) — the most Zynga has ever released at launch.

What’s the universal translation for bad-ass? Check out some of the screens below to find out.

  Casino Row

  Casino Row_

Bone Yard

Bone Yard_

Boss Fight

Boss Fight_1_

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