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Indiana Jones in Adventure World: Available Now in Browsers Near You

by on November 29, 2011

Indiana Jones Adventure World Logo

Indiana Jones is his name, and Adventure World is his game. We’re thrilled to announce today that Indiana Jones, the KING of adventure, and the man with arguably one of the best 5 o’clock shadows in the history of facial hair, has crash landed in Adventure World.

The very special integration is part of a recent collaboration between Lucasfilm and Zynga to bring Indiana Jones to social games for the very first time.

We’ve spent the last few months getting Indiana Jones just right from fedora to satchel. We know you’ve been waiting for him to arrive, so let the adventure begin…

Indiana Jones™ and the Calendar of the Sun is a brand new chapter in Adventure World where players team up with Indy in search of lost treasure. Available to all Adventure World players, the new chapter includes a total of three maps – Jungle Approach, Lunar Mine and Mystery of the Moon Door – with more maps coming in the next few weeks.  In addition to the new chapter, players will see Indiana Jones weaved throughout the existing Adventure World story and the game will take on a new name, befitting a hero’s welcome: Indiana Jones™ Adventure World.

After crash landing off the coast of Central America, Indiana Jones makes safe passage and joins players on their adventure. Players meet Indiana Jones at the first map – Jungle Approach – where they learn of the Calendar of the Sun and begin their trek across deep jungles, dark temples and ancient mines to find it. There’s just one problem: a competing group of evil adventurers already have a head start.

The story is set prior to the Indiana Jones films (circa 1934) and includes a rival adventurer named Forrestal. Indy film buffs might remember a reference to Forrestal in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Players (and friends) star as their own characters and play alongside Indiana Jones as he whips, swings and runs over traps and beasties. Just like in Adventure World, players hand-select and control a crew of friends on their game board to help embark on the social adventure.

Indy, being Indy, has some great weapons, gadgets and moves. Watch and learn as he swings across gaps with his whip, easily clears bushes with his machete and dodges runaway boulders. Players will also receive special collections that can be redeemed for a “mystery box” of adventure goodies. Items at launch include: an Archaeology Term Paper, a Satchel, an Antidote, Glasses and a Journal.

Hold on to those fedoras, because even more Indiana Jones content and features will be on the way. Players will also soon get access to some of Indiana Jones’ favorite gadgets and flair in future releases. Special items coming soon include:  

  • Indiana Jones Decor: Three different outfits will soon be available for players to show off the finest khaki on suede, on leather, fashion
  • Indiana Jones Gadgets: In upcoming maps, players will get access to Indiana Jones’ tent, offering new gadgets that can be used on their journey. Gadgets coming soon include: snake bait, greased pushblocks and even a bear trap.

Indiana Jones™ and the Calendar of the Sun is available to play for free today in Adventure World. The chapter is available in 14 languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Norwegian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Danish, Japanese and Dutch). Visit to begin your Indy adventure today

Check out the launch trailer here, and ogle away at the screens below.

  Jungleapproach_indy run




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