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Time to See the Forest From the Trees – We’re Going to ForestVille

by on December 14, 2011

Farms, frontiers, cities and castles are all important and familiar ‘Ville’ territory.  Today, we head to the wilderness to bring you Zynga’s newest mobile game ForestVille.  And we’re sure you’ll find it quite a different kind of ‘Ville’ and forest when you look beyond its trees.  Available today in the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, ForestVille is a magical forest where players can build homes for a cast of colorful animals, create businesses, place fun decorations, and connect with their friends.  Unlock amazing landmarks and choose your own path through the forest while meeting new animals as you explore. ForestVille is the perfect escape to urban life while creating new friends, both in and outside of the forest.  Similar to the social vibe found in CityVille Hometown and Dream Zoo, players can find friends and play with other forest dwellers in the game from around the world.  ForestVille launches on the heels of Mafia Wars Shakedown, CityVille Holidaytown and Dream Zoo – all available in the App Store.

ForestVille Logo

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