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We have a Dream…PetHouse

by on February 1, 2012

We have a Dream. A Dream where one day lions can look at zebras without thinking, “mmm, snacks,” where penguins no longer see their wings as useless as knowing that elephants are the only mammal that can’t jump, where cats can climb a tree and not freak out when they get to the top. 

Today, our wacky dream of animals in trees, living in harmony, becomes reality. Meet Zynga Mobile’s Dream PetHouse a game where players build tree houses and collect pets with the help of a lovable cast of animal characters.

In Dream PetHouse, we’ve drawn on inspiration from our players’ love of caring for their pets in PetVille, but Dream PetHouse is not your typical pet cage. Dream PetHouse is home to your favorite domestic animals and exotic animals you wish you could take home in real-life – lions, tigers, monkeys, penguins and everything in between (read: Ligers). 

Features of Zynga’s newest mobile game include:

  • Build-a-room: If you like surprises, you’re in luck. Build a room and wait and see what bundle of joy the helpful nurses bring you. Watch the animals grow from cute and cuddly babies to, let’s just admit it, slightly less cute and cuddly adults.
  • Photo Albums: As is it with all babies, time passes by way too quickly. You can always go back and relive the “good old years” through a photo album documenting key milestones, like first roar or first waddle. Shake locally grown food out of your PetHouse to feed your growing pets, and don’t forget to play with them and earn coins to expand your PetHouse and PlayRooms for your pets. 

We know we are not the first company to create a game with a treehouse, and certainly not the first with a pet theme – we tip our hats to those who came before us and while we think they are the cat’s meow, we feel deeply that Dream PetHouse moves these themes forward in fun and innovative ways.

A few examples include connection to Facebook using Spartan integration. This mobile-specific integration allows players to see which friends are playing, request to be their neighbor or invite their friends to play if they are not already playing. In Dream Pethouse, players will also notice that social interactions with friends are quick, efficient and easy – what more could you ask for in a PetHouse? Ultimately our players will decide, but we feel there is more here than you can shake a sloth at.

Dream Pethouse is available for download today here  on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch from Zynga Mobile.

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