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Super Bowl: Uncut, Real Celebrity

by on February 5, 2012

How do you know you’ve made it as a celebrity: you have a personal assistant, you’ve got over one million Twitter followers, you’re followed by the Paparazzi? Sure, those things are nice (but nothing any B list reality star can’t buy), however we think you’re really in the big leagues when you share the stage while the titans in the NFL battle it out for the Super Bowl. If you were more focused on the commercials like us, then you might have spotted Words with Friends creators Paul and David Bettner starring in their first Hollywood cameo in a Best Buy commercial alongside today’s greatest mobile innovators. We’ve heard that people love playing Words With Friends and we know A LOT of people are swapping tiles and scoring triple letter words, and we thought it was pretty cool when Alec Baldwin demonstrated his “unflying” love for our game a few months back, but this moment takes the cake. Check out the below video for an exclusive behind the scenes look at the red carpet treatment Paul and David Bettner received while on set. We’re talking, hair and makeup, a pimped out trailer and screaming groupies (okay, that last part is an exaggeration).


Don’t worry guys, that thing about the camera adding five pounds is totally a myth! 



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