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How Does Words With Friends Spell Stardom? S-U-P-E-R B-O-W-L!!!

by on February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday: the biggest television event of the year. Aside from maybe Dancing with the Stars, there is no greater stage in America. If you’re a fan of the commercials (who isn’t?), you may have spotted Words with Friends creators Paul and David Bettner starring in their first Hollywood cameo in a Best Buy commercial, which celebrates today’s greatest mobile innovators. Making a “play” during the Super Bowl was certainly a touchdown moment for Words With Friends, and it ranks right up there with other great moments we’ve cherished this past year as we watched our popular word game blossom into becoming a household name.


In recognition and gratitude of the meteoric rise of Words With Friends to star status, we put together a top ten list of stand-out moments where Words With Friends was celebrated as a pop culture phenomenon.


10.          In the words of Jamie Lee Curtis, waiting for a word is “like a young lover waiting for words from her beau”

9.            It’s credited for being a matchmaker and a flirt (“Check out my triple word score…”)

8.            It helped save lives

7.            Celebrity couples do it every day (no, not that!!)

6.            It’s the subject of ‘rapper braggadocio’  - word up Fabolous and Big Boi

5.            John Mayer tweeted Words With Friends is the new Twitter – on Twitter. Too bad ‘wonderland’ is longer than 7 letters

4.            Finally, people no longer have to think you’re talking about wrestling or pandas when you type WWF 

3.            The New York Giants are fans (But we are based in SF and love the 49ers;)          

2.            It became an official FAA violation when one smart celeb got kicked off a flight (play on, Alec!)          

1.            It co-starred in a Superbowl XLVI commercial! (Do we get a trip to DisneyWorld?)


If you’re not playing by now, it’s time to put down the BBQ wings, download the WWF app, and get your word on!


Thank you for playing!


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