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by on March 5, 2012


Announced a few days ago as “coming soon,” today we’re proud to cut the ribbon on the early beta of, a new playground for social games. Part of the Zynga Platform, is a destination for social games built with the goal of bringing players more people to play with and more ways to play. Check it out here:

Why do I need another place to play social games, you ask? Good question*.

For years, we’ve listened to player feedback and found that players want a few simple things: more games to play, more ways to meet and connect with other players who share a love for social games and an ability to progress faster in the games they currently play. The early beta of is meant to deliver all of this and more.

When you visit, you’ll notice a few things. First off, you’ll see five games available today — CastleVille, Words With Friends, CityVille, Hidden Chronicles and Zynga Poker — with more coming soon. is completely integrated with Facebook, which means players carry their game progress to, easily play games with their existing friends and find others who love the same games.

Some features in the early beta version of include:

  • Make zFriends – Connect and play with more people, beyond your Facebook friends, who love to play as much as you do.
  • More Games – In addition to the five games mentioned above, soon you will be able to discover and play more social games by Zynga and third party game developers. We’re really stoked about that last part. We’ve got three great developers already on board and are looking to add more.
  • Social Stream – In CityVille, wouldn’t it be cool if you could post to your feed and get help from others without having to leave your game board? Well, guess what, now you can. Get real-time access to items needed to advance faster in games by posting to Zynga’s live social stream without ever leaving your game board.
  • Player Profile – A profile that is all about the way you play, highlighting your favorite games, top zFriends, recent activity and your helpfulness score to see how you stack up against friends.
  • Live Chat – Without leaving the game board, you can also chat with zFriends in real-time to send gifts, strategize, or just say ‘OMG, look at the size of that beastie!’ Feeling shy? Don’t worry. We’ve got a bunch of privacy controls so you decide who and how to interact on is available today in 16 languages, including: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Thai.

For those that don’t speak geek, or Greek, beta means that is in its infancy. We’re working around the clock to add more features, and need your feedback to make it even better. Be sure to tell us like it is by clicking on the Feedback button at the bottom of the site while you are playing.

And check out the video below from Reed Shaffner, lead product manager of, to see what’s in store.

*Got more questions? Get more answers at:


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