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Zynga Receives Top Awards From Tencent: Excellent Partner and Top 10 App for Zynga City

by on March 16, 2012

Less than a year after announcing its partnership together, Tencent has honored Zynga with two prestigious awards: Excellent Partner and Top 10 App for Zynga City.  The two awards are a milestone for Zynga, which is one of the first international social game developers to launch a game on the Tencent Open Platform.


Zynga launched Zynga City beta on the Tencent platform in the autumn of 2011, and is Zynga’s first game created uniquely for the Chinese audience both in language and culture.  Zynga City is a localized version of the globally popular CityVille with brand new features such as decorations and architecture that resonate with the Chinese audience.  Currently, Zynga City is operated on the Tencent Pengyou and QZone platforms.


The awards were announced at a ceremony during Tencent’s Open Platform New Year Conference in Beijing today, which Tencent hosted to celebrate the top partners and developers that have made the Tencent Open Platform a success over the past year.


Today is a day to celebrate with Tencent and with our players who have been building, harvesting and connecting with their friends in Zynga City over the past months. We love that our players have been busy in their cities – since launching, more than 63 million residential buildings have been built, more than 64 million street peddlers have been sent to friends’ cities, and almost 7 million crops are harvested each day in Zynga City


Check out the Zynga City infographic below, which celebrates some of the game’s key milestones over the last year. Yes, this IS in Chinese, but we thought you would have fun matching the below facts with the pictures. Answers at the bottom – no peeking! 

城市发展报告完成修改_300dpi_ZyngaCityInfographic Zynga City Infographic_English

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