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Bright Lights, Big City – CityVille Downtown Launches!

by on April 5, 2012

Beep, beep! Honk! Screech!  Hope you like the sounds of the city because CityVille is turning up the volume with its first ever expansion – CityVille Downtown!  What is a city without a downtown?  Manhattan has one, San Francisco has one, Chicago has one, heck every city has one. Now, starting today, CityVille players can have one too. CityVille Downtown is the ultimate place for players around the world to work, live and play.

  CityVille Downtown Logo

Players above level 20 can travel from their city in CityVille to a whole new game board to build a budding metropolis.  Players can decorate a second game board with amazing new downtown exclusive buildings and decorations.  Businesses, amphitheaters, stadiums, and skyscrapers….oh my!  This is a whole new city with new quests, rules and characters where players add property value by placing cultural, art and leisure community buildings. Each building added increases the players’ property value and unlocks new features and expansions in the game.  Imagine creating your own skyline in your own CityVille Downtown.

Players will meet Harry Hipster, Rebecca Realtor, Susie Shopaholic, and Frank the Commuter as they play. Build a hot dog cart for the twelve o’clock lunch rush or a wine bar for after work happy hours.  Neighbors can help speed up quests and finish buildings so you can build the downtown of your dreams.  Help a neighbor by sending velvet ropes for their amphitheater opening or give press passes out to the downtown newspaper reporters.  Miss your old City? Just hop on the Subway to commute back and forth between your original CityVille gameboard and your new CityVille Downtown.

Zynga wanted to make sure our friends got a taste of the new CityVille Downtown expansion so hotdogs and sodas were delivered to our pals in the press box.  Hot diggity dog! Check out the fun pics below!


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