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Martha, Martha, Martha!

by on April 6, 2012

Looking for that perfect carrot cake recipe? Or, a DIY guide to decoupage? Millions of people around the world turn to Martha Stewart for a how-to-guide for everything from gardening to game day recipes, and last week – our very own Product Manager in CastleVille got a taste of what it’s like to mingle with Martha.  In celebration of CastleVille’s first ever in-game integration with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia that launched last week, Jaime Mendez got a taste of the good life appearing on The Martha Stewart Show.


Photo: Rob Tannenbaum/The Martha Stewart Show

Following a grueling (okay, fun and exciting)  48-hours of practice, prep and a plane ride from Dallas to New York – our  very own Jaime found himself walking into a dressing room on The Martha Stewart Show with his entourage (or just Shell Meggersee, resident CastleVille artist who designed Martha in the game). After walking past the desk of Martha…or should we say floor as Martha was in the middle of practicing yoga, Jaime headed into his dressing room where he sipped on champagne and cookies. Kidding.  While chugging a large coffee, Jaime went through the six minute segment with the producer for the segment. After that, it was straight to the stage to run through the segment in front of the camera – before hair and makeup. Thankfully, the hair and makeup team said that Jaime didn’t look a “day over 21” and this process was easy, breezy – just like CoverGirl’s tagline. Right before “camera, lights action!” Jaime took one last look at *Skippy the rock, and ran onto the set to show Martha a new way to interact with the queen of domesticity. In front of a live studio audience, Jaime showed the world how medieval is getting a true Martha makeover as she moved into players’ neighboring game boards, giving them a chance to not only interact with Martha in a brand new way, but receive special in-game rewards.  


*Note, Skippy  the Pet Rock is an actual character in CastleVille who the Zynga team back in Dallas has made into an actual pet rock that travels along with different members of the team to various locations. He had a great time in New York seeing the hit Broadway show Rock of Ages, dining at Baltazar and visiting the flatiron building. 

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