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Bubble Safari Bursts onto the Scene

by on May 8, 2012

Bubble Safari_Logo

Arcades hold a special place in the hearts of those who love to play. Many have fond memories of the games played in arcades; from fighting to sports, racing and rhythm, arcades represent the best of what gaming has to offer: casual, accessible, adrenalin packed, and fun. And perhaps what stands out most about these memories is the friends you stood there playing with. It’s this legacy I’m proud to say we’ve drawn on with the creation of our brand-new game Bubble Safari, which ushers in its own legacy of firsts: Zynga’s first entry into the bubble shooter category, first title to launch on our own platform,, and the first game from Zynga’s sun-drenched San Diego studio.

We saw an opportunity to transform the much-loved genre—known for challenging match-3 puzzle play where strategic aim and moves (watch those wall bounces!) are critical to matching and popping bubbles, clearing the field just in time—for today’s social audience and platforms. Our challenge was to deliver a new, engaging social experience while retaining these familiar arcade elements players love; I believe we’ve done just that and more, injecting creativity throughout and bringing the bubble genre to life like never before.

Bubble Safari_On Fire

Bubble Safari introduces our hero, Bubbles the monkey (cute, isn’t he?) with a full, rich storyline that presents new characters, quests, exploration and obstacles as you progress through the game. But you won’t be helping Bubbles through this journey alone—bring your crew along for the ride with social features like “Bubbles from Friends” to aid a friend’s gameplay, or challenge each other to tournament play, complete with arcade-style leaderboards, to share the thrill of victory or agony of defeat (…until next round)! 

Whether you're an arcade rat or fresh to play, we’ve made sure that players of all levels are rewarded with challenges and immersive gameplay to help hone their skills while learning the ins-and-outs of bubble strategy. Players can deploy fun boost bubbles like “Paint Splat” and “Sticky Bomb” or really get on a roll in On Fire! mode. On Fire! mode is one feature that I’m particularly fond of. I created it back in 1993 with NBA Jam, and it works surprisingly well in Bubble Safari where it combines strategy with player delight.

Arcade fans will also recognize other valuable power-ups, some we’ve included are “Gust of Wind” and “Animal Helpers,” to elevate your play and maximize points. We’ll keep play fresh by rolling out surprises and challenges (look out for the “Bee Hive” and “Spoil Alert”!) to keep players on their toes and bubble guns at ready, and you can bet there’s more on the way. 

I hope you’ll pop over to to check out Bubble Safari when it launches this week. Grab your friends and get ready for action-packed fun; it’s a jungle out there.

Mark Turmell, Senior Creative Director, Zynga


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