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Zynga Unleashes Horde of Zombies on NYC and SF

by on May 24, 2012

Zynga Zombie Blood Drive_NewYork

Zombie Swipeout, our latestmobile social game, is coming soon globally but, in the meantime, we thought we’d unleash 80 zombies on the general public. Don’t panic! Our zombies bring treats and tidings of joy.

Starting this morning, zombie look-alikes from Zombie Swipeout and ZombieSmash!, are hosting a zombie blood drive in NYC and San Francisco. What can we say? They’re socially responsible zombies. They just want to give something back. So…they’re donating blood pops* to passersby. Made from only the “fleshest” ingredients, these hibiscus mint-flavored pops embody the generous spirit of our zombies. And if you think how much zombies are into flesh and blood, it’s pretty generous if you ask us.

Our zombies will make their three-hour trek** across midtown Manhattan and downtown San Francisco. Check out these route maps and keep it locked to Zynga’s twitter handle @zynga (#zombieblooddrive) for up-to-the-minute updates on their location.

We call Zombie Swipeout the spiritual successor to ZombieSmash! Zombie Swipeout takes the category of slash games and strips it down to one, drop-dead, simple rule: don’t kill the good guy. The object of the game is to slash, slice, bludgeon, explode, and freeze as many zombies as possible without harming Joey, the lone human survivor from ZombieSmash! We’ve centered the game on one, massively social way to play: a weekly tournament where players compete against friends for the highest score.

The game includes an advanced leveling system where players unlock power-ups like grenades, slow mo, and liquid nitrogen and a full armory of sharp and blunt weapons from machetes and knight swords to baseball bats — all with different perks.

Zombie Swipeout will be available globally in the coming weeks, so sharpen up those machetes***. For now, if you’re in SF or NYC, swing by to grab a blood pop on us.

Important Zombie Disclaimers:

  • *We promise there’s no blood in the actual popsicles. Ingredients include fresh lime juice, fresh mint, organic cane sugar and natural stabilizers.
  • **Times may vary on account of zombie walking speed.
  • ***No zombies were harmed in the creation of this event, and we’d like to keep it that way. Please resist the urge to slash and bludgeon them.

Zynga Zombie Blood Drive_SF

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