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A Match Made in Zynga With Friends Heaven: Introducing Matching With Friends

by on June 6, 2012

Today I am extremely happy and proud to announce the release of Matching With Friends, a brand new With Friends title and our fifth release in the phenomenally popular With Friends family. This completely original game, directed by Jeff Wilkinson with an incredible team of innovators here at the Zynga With Friends studio in the heart of McKinney, Texas, joins our all-star cast of other With Friends cultural hits including Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, Scramble With Friends and Chess With Friends.


With Friends games are the bite-sized entertainment we love to share with our family and friends. Our games are inspired by well-loved, nostalgic pastimes (Hanging With Friends – hangman with a twist!) mixed with brand new game design concepts. Matching With Friends is our latest creation, a new breed of match-3 game meets Words With Friends, where each turn presents a unique puzzle to solve. We strive to recreate those beloved experiences of sitting around a table playing games with your friends, delivering those experiences as mobile entertainment you can carry with you all day. 


When my brother and I began developing Chess With Friends in the McKinney public library, we could scarcely imagine what would follow. We have been blessed to join other mobile innovators (recently in a Super Bowl commercial!) and celebrities like Jon Hamm, Robert Pattinson, Katie Couric, Big Boi (and probably most famously, Alec Baldwin) who play and enjoy our games as much as we do. With Friends players have found love and even saved each other's lives. These games have a unique power to bring people together – be it family, friends, celebrities, or new-found connections across the globe. That is truly something special and we are so grateful for every one of our players and all of the wonderful stories and moments you've shared with us through our games.


Matching With Friends is a new type of social puzzle game. It challenges players to strategically compete against their opponents to match colorful blocks on a game board. With Friends fans will find themselves comfortably at home with many of the elements that have made our previous With Friends games so popular, including turn-based play and an in-game chat function — something we like to think of as text messaging meets games.


Matching With Friends is easy to pick up and play with depth and strategy that increases the more you match. At the beginning of each game players are assigned a bonus color and when you match that color you are awarded extra points. Each game consists of 11 turns challenging players to try to match three or more blocks of the same color. When you score a match your pieces explode off the board in a shower of color. The game is competitive and cooperative at the same time. Collaborate with your opponents to play off existing game pieces, or choose to play defensively by using strategic "bombs" and demolish your opponent's ability to score against you.


The With Friends McKinney studio is a creative playground where mad scientists, brilliant artists and zany designers get in touch with their inner 6-year-olds to invent new entertainment the whole world can enjoy. Matching With Friends, first codenamed "Project Picnic," began its life as construction paper cut-outs where players would match colorful pieces of picnic food on a hand-drawn board. Through the magical process of rapid iteration and continual play testing, Matching With Friends is finally ready and we are thrilled to share it with you.


Matching With Friends is currently available in Canada and Australia for iOS devices on the App Store, and will be coming soon globally. Go ahead, matchmakers, what are you waiting for? Go make a match With Friends!


Paul Bettner, Vice President and General Manager, Zynga With Friends

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