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Connecting With Friends – Anytime, Anywhere

by on June 27, 2012


It was great to be a part of another energizing Zynga Unleashed event and to have the opportunity to share so many exciting initiatives within our mobile business.

As we continue our journey in mobile, we remain committed to focusing on making our games free, social, high-quality, and most importantly, accessible – that means expanding our platforms to be where our players are including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, PC, Nook, Kindle Fire and more.

We also continue to expand our mobile portfolio by growing our key franchises and brands such as With Friends, Casino, and Draw Something so when players see those games, they can almost guarantee that they will be able to connect with their friends who will be playing them too. We globally launched our fifth With Friends game, Matching With Friends.  Get ready for a fresh social puzzle that is an entirely new game with all the With Friends features you love such as in-game chat, social, and fun.  It’s the perfect ‘match’ to our other With Friends games that have gone organically mainstream.

By focusing on building the most fun, most social, and most accessible games across all of our core franchises, we now have one of the largest mobile game audiences in the world.  It’s exciting times.  But, we also know that to continue our global leadership in mobile, we must keep innovating across our own games as well as invite and work with other top developers.  With that motivation, we are proud to announce a new program to leverage our expertise in mobile and social, and bring us one step closer to building our Zynga With Friends network.

We’ve now opened doors to third party developers to publish their mobile games with us and leverage our global network of mobile players.  We’re calling it Zynga Partners for Mobile and it is a program that will help us to further our mission of bringing more play to more people. Zynga Partners for Mobile will enable developers to access one of the world’s largest audiences of active and engaged mobile game players to drive discovery and reach for their games.  Our early partners include Atari, Crash Lab, Fat Pebble, Phosphor Games Studio, and Sava Transmedia. With the start of Zynga Partners for Mobile, Zynga is a now a ‘one-stop shop’ for both mobile and web developers, offering game publishing capabilities across platforms.

We want players to experience great games with meaningful social connections wherever, and whenever they want.  We are excited about how far we have come in such a short amount of time, and I guarantee, we are only just getting started.


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