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Announcing Chefville from Zynga: the Largest Restaurant Opening in the World!

by on August 6, 2012


It’s a tale as old as time: for centuries, families and friends around the globe have gathered at a central location – the dinner table – to feast and connect. The pairing of food and kinship has forked beyond the dinner table to other forms of culinary celebration, whether it’s taking a cooking class with a friend, searching for new recipes online or hitting the streets to track down a gourmet food truck. Food somehow always finds a way of bringing people together, both offline and online.

At Zynga, we recognized the inherently social nature of food and dining in everyday life, and today we’re proud to bring the restaurant game genre to gastronomical new heights with the launch of ChefVille, our newest social game and culinary masterpiece.  

ChefVille is a next-generation cooking game that reimagines the restaurant game genre with innovative social features and online-to-offline elements. Players are immersed in a culinary dream world where they can create their very own restaurant – whether in the Tuscan countryside, a classic 50s diner or a seaside harbor. As players master dishes and level up, they can expand their restaurant into new regions with new ingredients – unlocking must-have cooking equipment like a grill, brick oven or sushi station – as they build their restaurant.

The icing on the cake: ChefVille cooked up the concept of “Game to Table,” which gives players the opportunity to make the food they see in the game in real life – a Zynga first! As certain dishes are mastered in ChefVille, players are rewarded via email with the actual recipes that correlate with the dishes they’ve mastered in the game. ChefVille players can cook more than 200 delectable in-game dishes and earn more than 50 real recipes, giving them a menu of endless opportunities to take their game experiences offline and connect with friends and family around the dinner table.

Like other ‘ville’ games, players also have the opportunity to interact with neighbors and friends. Need some flour to bake that bread, or some tomatoes to craft your signature Margarita Pizza? In ChefVille, each player in the game is an ingredient specialist, making them culinary assets to their friends as they progress in the game and need to lean on one another to master dishes.

ChefVille players also have the chance to show off their own recipes in the game as part of ChefVille’s “Table to Game” feature. Whether it’s your family’s prized Bolognese recipe or the perfect salsa verde, every ChefVille player has a chance to become part of the game and take other players on a culinary adventure.

So, if you’re able to mustard the strength (see what I did there?) and take a snack break from your day, get cooking now at


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