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Zynga Platform Welcomes 4 New Games on and 9 New Partners

by on September 6, 2012


It’s been six months since we announced the Zynga Platform, a social gaming platform and network designed to bring players the most social and fun gaming experience wherever they play, while shining a light on some of the most talented developers in the industry and their games. A lot has happened since then, but our mission of connecting the world through games has not changed.

Today, we have more than 10 Zynga games live on . FarmVille 2, which just launched yesterday, was the first game to launch on Facebook and simultaneously.  We’re now excited to welcome – for the first time ever – four third party games to Zynga’s own destination for play.  The partner games live on today are Sava Transmedia’s Rubber Tacos, RocketPlay’s Sports Casino, Majesco’s
Mini Putt Park and 50 Cubes’ Fashion Designer.

I’m also excited to share that we have added nine new partners to the Zynga Platform, bringing us to 24 total partners, across web and mobile. Our newest partners include Antic Entertainment, Big Bite Games, CrayonPixel, Eruptive Games, JamRT, The Method, Playnery, RocketPlay and TikGames.

Our hope for the Zynga Platform goes beyond exposing our partner games to the 306 million monthly active users on the Zynga network. We want to build a true destination for play that makes it easier for our players to discover new games from different genres, while also helping our partners launch, promote, scale and grow their games.

It’s not a simple process. We spend countless hours and months before we launch games like Rubber Tacos and Sports Casino on, making sure our partners are fully supported with analytics, best practices, features that amp up social engagement, tech support and the like. This behind-the-scenes incubation period matters immensely – it ensures a seamless, more engaging experience for our players and what we hope will be a more successful game for our partners.

We invite you to check out these new games on and Facebook. But note that this is just the tip of the iceberg for the Zynga Platform and our players. We have a steadfast focus
on bringing more great games from third party developers to players in the coming months– improving the social gaming ecosystem as whole – while giving more people a reason to put a little play in their day.

By Rob Dyer

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