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Zynga Launches its First Mobile Social Role Playing Game: Montopia

by on September 12, 2012

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Today, we are pleased to announce a global launch of monstrous proportions with Zynga’s first role playing game created for mobile: Montopia.

Developed and first launched in Japan earlier this year, we are particularly excited for the global release of Montopia as it marks Zynga’s first RPG style game created for mobile.

Montopia is a beautiful land where man and monster once cohabitated, but recently, the serene utopia has been destroyed by a mysterious disaster. Your time has come to be the hero Montopia needs, as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime inthis thrilling game of monsters and mystery and Monstapedias. Your task is to transform into a brave monster trainer and uncover the secrets held on the island through courageous battles
using your monsters.

To excel in Montopia you must unlock monsters sealed in treasure chests, breed and battle monsters to help them evolve, and collect over 400 monsters to fill your Monstapedia, the sacred monster encyclopedia. With
the help of Milly, your childhood friend, you can save the day and bring peace and harmony back to Montopia.

Montopia is the latest addition to Zynga’s growing roster of mobile social games. Launched earlier this year in Japan-only, Montopia will soon be followed by a second mobile social role playing game, Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, coming soon – so stay tuned!

Montopia is now available for both iOS and Android devices in Japanese and English with additional languages including Traditional Chinese and Korean coming soon. Montopia can be downloaded for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at and from Google Play at


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