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From the Virtual World to Your World: Play Face to Face with New Zynga Games from Hasbro!

by on October 1, 2012

You know Zynga for bringing the social games you love to the platforms you favor —from computer to tablet, Android to iPhone. In partnership with the iconic name in games, Hasbro, we’re introducing an all-new way to play Zynga games. Available now, the new Hasbro Zynga games blend online and offline gameplay — bringing our favorite titles straight to your living room, tabletop or family vacation, for a face-to-face game experience for all ages.

Players will see games from recognizable favorites including Words With Friends, FarmVille and CityVille lining the store shelves at major retailers starting October 1. In a Zynga twist on traditional gameplay experiences, the physical games each come with some very handy digital extras, helping players connect their face-to-face and online gameplay experiences.

Read on for your first look at just some of the games, and head on over to check out the rest of the lineup: And don’t worry—naughty or nice, there’s still plenty of time to add these games to your holiday wish list!

FarmVille Hungry Hungry HerdGame brings the animals and wild energy from the farm to real life. Choose the Gobbling Horse, Munching Pig, Snacking Sheep, or Chomping Cow, load its favorite food into the troughs, and start chomping. Your goal: consume the most food before time is up. Kids and adults alike are sure to delight in this adrenaline pumping frenzy! Purchase of each FarmVille Hungry Hungry Herd game also comes with 50 Farm Cash in-game currency for online FarmVille play.

Words With Friends Game collection ups the ante by letting you wow up to three additional players with your vocabulary and puzzle prowess. Just like the iconic mobile and online game, players randomly select tiles, arrange them in their tile rack and build upon opponent’s word creations to see their vocabulary skills come to life. Purchase of the game also includes a bundle of features to enhance your digital Words With Friends experience, including Word-O-Meter, The Count and Tile Pile. Looking to upgrade your experience? Snap up Words With Friends Luxe which features a bigger, rotating gameboard for easier plotting of your next move. Want to take the experience the road? We’re also offering a travel version in Words With Friends To Go, the boardless game invites quick set up and take down for convenient, quick word play wherever you are.

CityVille Monopoly Gameis the new way to build the city of your dreams! Compete with other mayors-in-the-making to buy and build a variety of instantly recognizable CityVille locations like train stations, toy shops and bakeries. Leveraging iconic elements of Monopoly gameplay, players can also use stackable buildings to build houses, community buildings and businesses in the center of the board, or give and receive Mystery Gifts to decorate neighborhoods and increase rents!

Each CityVille Monopoly game includes a code for players to redeem 85 City Cash of in-game currency for use in CityVille’s online game.

Draw Something Game lets players unleash their inner-Picasso from the digital screen to the easel, or at least a pad of paper. Choose a card, pick one of three items to draw ranging in difficulty from easy to hard, and challenge friends to guess. The more difficult the item you’ve chosen to draw, the more coins another player receives if they guess correctly. Artists bank coins if another player correctly shouts out what they’ve drawn; the first player to collect 15 coins wins!

Zynga Hasbro games will being shipping October 1, 2012 at most major toy retailers nationwide and Game retail prices range from $19.99 to $24.99. Interested in learning more? Check out the full family of Zynga Hasbro games here:




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