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Want the Keys to the City? Welcome to CityVille 2!

by on November 1, 2012


Two short years ago, Zynga changed the way you build and play with your friends when we brought you CityVille. Today, we’re proud to throw open the city gates and welcome you to CityVille 2.

When it launched in 2010, CityVille quickly became the most popular social game ever. We saw cities sprout up worldwide, and more than 100 million MAU built, played, and shared side-by-side with friends. At its peak, CityVille had more players playing each month than there are citizens in Germany!

The Zynga East team, led by Brian Reynolds, was excited to imagine how to help grow and shape this incredible franchise. When we began CityVille 2, we knew the core of the game had to include the CityVille features that millions of players have loved – things like expansions and decorations. We also knew we wanted to draw from our experience creating FrontierVille, and to reimagine the game with our own unique vision. So, here’s what we did:

  • First, we wrapped CityVille 2 in a story – a rich “whodunit” mystery that takes hold of the players right from the get-go. We created an oddball bunch of characters to tell this story – each tied to the core mystery, but also with a personal story to explore. We hope you will get to know the cast of CityVille 2, and always wonder what they might do next.
  • We also explored different ways to help players really play in their cities. Everything in the game is more kinetic, more dynamic. The whole world reacts to your touch. Whether it’s sending a police car to stop a robbery in your new Financial District, or knocking down an Abandoned Mine with a giant wrecking ball, CityVille 2 offers a ton of new and exciting way to interact with the things in your city.
  • Next, we took advantage of new technologies like Adobe® Flash® 11 and its Stage 3D technology to bring the city to life in new ways. Players can see their city at night with the flip of a switch and see properties, including gyms, bazaars and even pirate ship-themed restaurants like never before.
  • Lastly, we added new ways to bring players together, whether it’s to share, to cooperate or even to compete. We added real-time chat, and a new message board system to help everyone stay connected. You can share items to help out with crafting or share pictures of your latest skyscraper. Maybe you’ll show off the latest achievement you earned or try to dominate the Leaderboards and brag about your success. Our new District VIP status also makes its debut in CityVille 2, giving everyone a chance to compete for territorial bragging rights (and sweet payouts) in your friends’ cities.

That’s just a glimpse of what CityVille 2 has to offer – you’ll have to check out the game for yourself and see if you’re “mayor” enough to create a thriving metropolis.

CityVille 2 is available today for immediate building on and on Facebook at

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