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Ole! Sava Transmedia and Zynga launch Rubber Tacos on the App Store

by on November 21, 2012

Rubber Tacos, launched earlier this year on and Facebook, has gone multiplatform and is now available on the App Store. That’s right, now you can play this quirky arcade-puzzle game everywhere you go!

Who else finds it incredibly difficult to take a break from reclaiming chili peppers stolen from a crazy piñata?

Never played before? No problemo! Rubber Tacos is easy to pick up, yet hard to put down once you get in the chili collecting groove (don’t say we didn’t warn you!) The player’s mission is to collect all five chilies as you catapult various superhero family members from point A to point B in over 120 unique levels.

Mobile players will use their fingers to drag and launch the luchadores from the starting springboard through the obstacle to the final platform. The game is full of surprises as players learn the special power-ups of each superhero which will help them face new obstacles like floating cacti, cannons, electric eels, and rubber bands that need to be adjusted. Even better, you can build your own levels and challenge your friends to see who is the ultimate luchadore!

There are endless possibilities waiting for you, so go ahead and unleash your inner superhero!

Rubber Tacos is available today on the App Store for free and will be coming soon to Google Play.

Check out the Rubber Tacos trailer below:

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