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Zynga New York Begins Testing A New Type Of Social Game

by on December 6, 2012

The Friend Game

Hi folks! Today, we’re proud to announce a new social game we’re calling The Friend Game that we just rolled out in a closed beta. The Friend Game is unlike any game Zynga’s ever made before. We’ve set out to reimagine what “social gaming” means – and instead of taking a familiar type of game and making it social, we’re making your social network into a game. The Friend Game is all about how well you know your friends and how well your friends know you.

The Friend Game is coming to you from Zynga New York, a team that originated as indie developer Area/Code, creators of great games like Drop7 for the iPhone. We’ve grown a bit since joining Zynga in early 2011, but our core philosophy of design-driven innovation has remained  — along with most of our crew, including myself, Creative Director Frank Lantz, Executive Producer Kati London, Art Director Scott Gursky and Development Manager (and resident tech monster) Chris Deaner.

The Friend Game will remain in a closed beta while we make tweaks and twist the knobs, but we can’t wait to unveil it to you. If you’re interested in getting updates on the game, be sure to like us on Facebook.

In the meantime, keep your ear to the ground and your friends close…more updates coming soon!

The Friend Game

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