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Get More Arcade Action: Bubble Safari Swings to Mobile and Bubble Safari Ocean Splashes onto Facebook

by on December 12, 2012

There’s something oddly satisfying about popping bubbles. Maybe it’s the sense of power and control? Perhaps it’s the comforting sound of a well-placed ‘pop’? Or maybe it’s the part where a monkey, hell-bent on a quest to rescue his lost love from angry poachers, shoots fireballs out of a cannon to magically transform bubbles into fruit? Whatever the reason (we think it’s that last one), people LOVE bubble shooter games. Upwards of 80 million people play arcade bubble shooter games on Facebook according to some recent findings.

When Bubble Safari launched back in May, we were blown away at how quickly our millions of players progressed through the game. Seeing how much our players loved Bubble Safari, we knew we wanted to give Zynga players more ways to play and enjoy this fan-favorite category.

So, we’re proud to announce that the fast-paced arcade action of Bubble Safari will be available later today from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch. And that’s not all — Bubble Safari Ocean, a brand new web game, is splashing down on Facebook today. Check it out here.

Here’s what’s in store for players:

Bubble Safari mobile: When we approach making multi-platform games, we take hard looks at whether a truly connected or dedicated experience heightens the natural gameplay and fun. Above all, we want to make our games accessible and social. Players can take their friends with them wherever they go while progressing through an all-new map, 89 new levels and redesigned racks of bubbles, all of which were designed to bring all the fun of the web game to your mobile device. Player-favorite features like ‘On Fire’ mode, Boost Bubbles and Bubbles from friends return to help you with the hairiest of levels.

Bubble Safari is available for free from the App Store later today at

Bubble Safari MobileBubble Safari Ocean:  Available today on Facebook in 13 languages, Bubble Safari Ocean packs the familiar thrill of the original Bubble Safari’s bubble-popping adventure with a new look, feel, setting and perky protagonist – all inspired by our seaside home. Players take on the role of Crabby Joe, a crafty crustacean, and set off on a journey to save Crabby Joe’s little crabby babies after a powerful current sweeps them out into sea. This time around, in order to win, players must free Crabby Joe’s babies trapped in air bubbles as they claw on for dear life. Shoot bubbles to set the babies free and rack up big scores to progress to the next level. The game brings new hazards and other surprises as players set off on a brand new bubble popping adventure.

Bubble Safari Ocean Gameplay

From all of us in Zynga San Diego we’d like to thank our dedicated Bubble Safari players for inspiring us to deliver new arcade adventures.

So, grab your scuba gear and charge up your mobile devices. It’s time to get more Bubble Safari!

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