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Follow the Fairies to FarmVille’s Enchanted Glen for whimsical adventures a world away

by on January 15, 2013

FarmVille Enchanted Glen

A new year, a new expansion and a new way we’re delivering players more reasons to play. A magical treat awaits FarmVille players in our newest adventure and 9th expansion, Enchanted Glen. In Enchanted Glen, players journey into the fantastical world where fairies, trolls and other enchanted creatures make mischief and revel in the splendor of a beautiful, earthly, hollow that is wholly otherworldly.

Upon entering Enchanted Glen, our richest storyline ever, FarmVille players will be introduced to an immersive forest world full of wonder and magic. Venturing into the land, players are introduced to Sola, the Sun Fairy and Queen of Enchanted Glen, who’s fallen in to a magical slumber without reason. Sola and the host of new characters and creatures that call this serene and prosperous land home need the players help restoring order. The Wind Fairy Aura will guide players on this adventure, deliver quests, and in a Zynga first, introduce an engaging pop-up storybook, where each chapter offers more insight into what might be going on, and who might be behind it.

In addition to an all-new story, players will encounter new goals, animals, crops, terrain and more. What land with fairies wouldn’t be complete without trolls or goblins? Along the way players will encounter Stone Trolls, whose roving nature holds a treasure or two for the player brave enough to approach. Farming and completing other activities rewards players with Fairy Points used to unlock new crops, like Goblin Vine and Butterfly Rose, or décor including expanded water terrain, to apply a fairy-dusting of fantasy to any farm. Players can also pop into the new Enchantment Shop to craft curious creatures like the Goblicorn and Fay Sheep, for a magical menagerie unlike any other.

But, we won’t give everything away here. Come experience the mystery and splendor of Enchanted Glen yourself, as players level 15 and above can now journey to the magical realm at 

FarmVille Enchanted Glen 2

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