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Welcome to Solstice Arena, the World’s First Speed MOBA

by on June 6, 2013

Prepare to fight! Today, I am thrilled to announce the worldwide launch of Solstice Arena, the world’s first Speed MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), available exclusively on iPad and iPhone at:

The launch of Solstice Arena marks an exciting moment for all of us who joined Zynga last year.

We’ve designed Solstice Arena with a distinct mission: take a genre we love and transform it to allow hardcore fans and casual players to experience the fun of MOBA gaming right from their mobile devices. To those familiar with MOBA games, you will find a deep, competitive and well-balanced MOBA – one that is unlike any free-to-play game on the App Store. But our goal wasn’t to just attract players similar to us. We want to make Solstice Arena accessible to new players too – so many of whom may have never tried a MOBA before.

Here’s what to expect when you jump into Solstice Arena:

  • Fighting With Friends: Solstice Arena is all about fast-paced, 3 vs. 3 fighting on a map that encourages players to make tactical decisions. The goal, similar to many MOBA’s, is simple: the first team to destroy their enemy’s base wins.
  •  Game Modes: We’re launching with three game modes for new and experienced players: Single player (Solo vs. Bots), Real-time Multiplayer (Player vs. Player and Co-op vs. Bots). We use a special matchmaking and queue system that connects players based on skill, level and hero ability. Players can invite friends to play and see who’s online in real time.
  •  Speed: We like to call Solstice Arena a “Speed MOBA” because each match lasts about 5-12 minutes, a deliberate design choice that we believe transforms this genre perfectly for the demands of mobile and the average player’s busy lifestyle.
  •  No Farming: You’ll also see that we playfully describe Solstice Arena as “all fighting and no farming.” We’ve eliminated minions and farming – two staples of traditional MOBAs – in order to distill the core of Solstice Arena around team fighting and put the “Speed” in “Speed MOBA.” We think this approach fits perfectly on mobile devices.
  •  Customize Your Heroes: We’re offering 10+ heroes at launch, and you’ll see a few of them featured in our launch trailer above. All heroes are designed for different styles of play. Those that want to dive deep into hero customization can pursue one of three different ability paths. For those that just want to jump into the next match, we’ll recommend items for each hero. We’ve had a lot of fun designing each hero with various skins, abilities and most of all, personalities. Look no further than Biker Brutus, and get ready for more. We’ll have new heroes, new skins and new abilities giving players always something new to master.
  •  Free to Play & Fair to Play: We want to preserve the core progression of MOBA competition, so players will never find themselves in a pay-to-win scenario. Players will need to earn those Hero upgrades, but for those that want to spend money can explore the extensive customization options, including skins and armor.

Solstice Arena has been available in a few markets, and early feedback from players has been great. We’re encouraged by the reception from core MOBA players, and honored by people new to the genre who’ve given Solstice Arena a try. Solstice Arena is available for free from the App Store on iPad 2, iPad with Retina Display, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S/5 (requires iOS 5.1 or later) at The iPad and iPhone offers an incredible gameplay experience for Solstice Arena, and we can’t wait to see how players respond.

There’s a lot more to come from Team Solstice, so join our fan page, follow us on Twitter and enjoy the trailer. And of course, let us know what you think.

The Solstice begins in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

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