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iNiS and Zynga launch Eden to Green

by on June 20, 2013

Today iNiS and Zynga proudly announce the launch of Eden to Green, a tower offense style game that challenges players to rise against alien machine invaders to both defend the planet of Eden and restore the land to its natural beauty. Created by iNiS, the team behind popular games including Elite Beat Agents and Lips, Eden to Green dares players to help bring Eden back to life after it was destroyed by alien machines leaving it with only a sparse amount of plants and trees remaining.

Eden to Green 1

Players are tasked to help restore the Euphoria of Eden, which is the planet’s natural energy needed for life to survive and thrive. As Euphoria increases, nature will be revived and players will gain the ability to plant the flowers and trees needed to arm the planet for a battle against the invading machines.

Eden to Green 2

Eden to Green is a beautifully animated 3D game with many high quality effects – spreading the green not only enables players to gain more energy but also brings out the personalities of the plants.  The game can be played a number of ways including the options to choose between expansion, offensive, and defensive plants to plan a strategic counter-attack. Additionally, players will battle machines in over 70 maps in each area with additional game content unlocking each month for more chances to restore Euphoria.

Eden to Green 3

Based in Tokyo, iNiS is the latest world class developer to join Zynga’s Partners Program.  Eden to Green is available today for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at and Google Play.


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