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NaturalMotion Update

by on January 30, 2014

NaturalMotion CEO and Co-Founder Torsten Reil sent the following email to NaturalMotion employees today discussing the company’s decision to join Zynga.


Dear Team,

I have an important announcement to make. Today, we signed an agreement to join Zynga Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Zynga’s new team under Don Mattrick shares our belief in high-production-quality titles, innovation, and creating new IP. Don joined Zynga from Microsoft, where he led the Xbox division and – among other things – was responsible for Kinect.

I am pleased to say that NaturalMotion will retain its brand, organisational structure, publishing relationships, and technology business. Our culture and how we operate are an important part of what appealed to Zynga in the first place.

We are excited by this opportunity – it allows us to continue on our path whilst fast-tracking important areas such as scalable server infrastructure, live game operations and network cross promotion at scale.

The deal is also a testament to all our hard work in creating experiences that wow millions of people, powered by amazing technology. I am proud of what we have already achieved, and am incredibly excited about what we will create together with Zynga.

I will tell you more and answer your questions at an All Staffer tomorrow morning at 10am (UK time).

In addition, I and the management team are on standby in the Oxford office now (and for the next few hours). All studio heads will be on-site in their respective studios tonight too. Please drop by for any urgent questions you may have – or just to chat.

I look forward to talking to you all soon!


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