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Thanks M-O-M!

by on May 9, 2014


Each day, millions of players make a move in Words With Friends to boost their brainpower, compete over words, and make meaningful connections with others.  We always enjoy hearing how our players foster relationships with friends, loved ones and even random opponents.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked our players about their moms to hear how they connect with them through the game, which trending words are on their radar, and if mom really knows best when it comes to word play.

Here’s how our survey* uncovered our player’s motherly love:

  • 48% say they are in contact with their mothers at least once a day with 15% connecting through social games.
  • 25% say they win most Words With Friends matches against their mother with 22% claiming their mother usually wins.
  • 8% say they generously “let” their mothers win.
  • 33% say their mother is their best Words With Friends friend.
  • 69% say their mother knows what “selfie” means and 35% say their mother’s know “twerk” – good thing we added both of these words to the game’s dictionary last year.
  • 48% say their mother is tech “capable” rather than savvy with 35% claiming they taught their mother everything she knows.

Through our survey, we also heard from many players who stay connected to their mothers through daily word play.  Two of our favorite stories:

Debbie Kammerzell, Denver, Colorado

Debbie plays Words With Friends with her mom in North Dakota every day. “I know that my mom is doing well when I have a turn waiting for me in the morning. If I don’t, I always call her to check in.” Debbie also told us that her mom keeps a tally of the final scores and even keeps a list of words to help her. “It’s just nice to be able to take turns back and forth, sometimes I’ll even let her win.”

Danielle Robles, Santa Maria, California

Danielle and her daughter visit her mom 20 minutes away to play Words With Friends in-person. “We sit in the same room and play, chat and drink wine. The best part is being able to see each other’s reaction to a high scoring word and we challenge each other to define words that we think they guessed. It’s so much fun!”

Much like many of our players, my mother and I play daily. Since my mother lives in Mexico City, I can appreciate that one small connection you make through the game, and I always love waking up to see a turn waiting for me. That small connection closes the more than 2,200 miles between us.

This Mother’s Day I’d like to thank all of the moms for fitting us into your busy lives. Whether you play near or far from your mom, it’s always great to take the time to spread the word and connect through play.

– Abhinav Agrawal, Vice President of Words With Friends

*Results based on a survey of 1,200 Words With Friends players

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