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Friends Reignite Love On The Farm

by on August 4, 2014


In celebration of My Family Farm in FarmVille 2, we asked players how they connect with each other in the game. Out of 33,000 players that responded, nearly 80% said they have connected with someone that they otherwise wouldnt have through the game and 20% said that playing FarmVille 2 helped rekindle a romantic relationship.

Lynda Jordan is one of those lucky players that rekindled a flame from childhood. Now engaged, Lynda shared her story with us about the joy the game has brought to her life.



It’s funny how many times our paths had crossed before Dean and I finally reconnected through FarmVille 2. It had been 28 years since I last saw him but as we learn more about one another, we’ve uncovered just how close we were to seeing each other during different periods of our lives. We were extremely close childhood friends until my family and I moved away. Dean and I didn’t live too far from each other but the small bit of distance kept us from staying in touch. It turns out Dean used to buy fishing bait and go fishing in a river behind my house, not ever knowing that it was my Uncle that sold him the bait. We laugh about how many missed connections there really were.

Years later I joined Facebook in search of Dean. It turned out Dean had also been searching for me. It was Dean’s daughter that convinced him to play FarmVille 2 and on one fateful morning, I had a neighbor request from him in FarmVille 2.The rest is history. Dean and I are now engaged and getting married in October 2015.

It’s hard for me to sum up how important FarmVille 2 is to me. FarmVille 2 has become more than just a game. It is an escape that allows me to garden and play with cute animals. It has reconnected me to my fiancé and helps me also keep in touch with my mother. I believe now that things happen for a reason. FarmVille 2 has impacted me in so many ways – it sounds funny for a game to change my life but it really has. Thank you to the FarmVille 2 team!


Lynda Jordan

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