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New Zynga Poker is Now Available On Mobile

by on September 3, 2014


Zynga Poker

Today, I am incredibly excited to announce that the new Zynga Poker is available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play. Since it launched in 2007 as Zynga’s first game and the foundation of the Zynga Casino Franchise, Zynga Poker has been played by 350 million people to-date – to put that in perspective that’s more than the number of people who visited Las Vegas in the last six years.

We have redesigned the new Zynga Poker from the ground up for you, our players. Over the last seven years you have shared invaluable insights with us about what you love about Zynga Poker, and ideas on features we could add to the game. So, when we thought about reimagining this beloved game, we put you at the center of all of our decision making to ensure the new Zynga Poker was tailored made for you, our dedicated players.

The new Zynga Poker features a modern look full of dynamic features, realistic audio and interactive icons. Built for mobile and tablets, the immersive gameplay will make you feel like you’re sitting at a poker table in your favorite Vegas casino. The game’s updated perspective, rich animations, new cards and audio all work together to create a truly authentic free-to-play social casino experience.

In addition to a modern look and feel and authentic gameplay, we also know personalization is important to you. The new Zynga Poker was developed using technology that enables increased levels of personalized play. That means the game responds and learns as you progress, adapting to your skill level and placing you at a poker table that matches your expertise. Also, just like playing a hand of poker with friends, the game will enable you to know when and where your  friends are playing, making it easy for you all to join up at the same table.

We value all of our consumers and take the introduction of new products and features very seriously. In particular you, our Poker fans, represent one of our most cherished communities. Over the last few months we have been ramping the new Zynga Poker product in select markets and have integrated your feedback into the game to refine it and ready it for worldwide launch. We love hearing from you and so appreciate when you share your Poker stories, like the one we received recently from our dedicated player, Sergeant Jeremiah Kuehl:

“Playing Zynga Poker has helped me progress and improve my skills as a poker player,” said Sergeant Jeremiah Kuehl from Oxnard, Calif., a longtime Zynga Poker player. “I’m always thinking like a chess player, anticipating the next two moves and trying to make the best call.”

From all of us at Zynga, I want to thank you for making Zynga Poker the game it is today and being such a loyal community.

See you at the tables in the new Zynga Poker!

Barry Cottle
Executive Vice President, Zynga Casino

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