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Words With Friends “Love Letters”: Finding the Ultimate “Smart Match” 4,000 Miles Across the Ocean

by on October 9, 2014

Megan Lawless Love Letters

Since 2009, millions of players connect and compete each day through word-play in Words With Friends. In celebration of the game’s five year anniversary, we’re sharing a few of our most inspiring stories of how players have connected with their family, friends and even random opponents in their own words. From strengthening existing relationships to fostering new friendships and even romances, their stories spell out how a passion for wordy competition means so much more than the tiles on the game board. The connections made through Words With Friends are the reason the game has reached this meaningful five year milestone. We hope you’re as inspired by the anniversary “love letters” from our loyal players as much as we are!

Dear Words With Friends,

I first started playing Words With Friends when a good friend invited me to play. I was immediately hooked and attempting to play as many games as possible, so I began searching for new opponents through the Smart Match feature. I could never have imagined that my search for a random opponent in Words With Friends would lead to meeting the most important person in my life – my husband!

Jasper was the ultimate “smart match.” Our relationship started simply through game play and gradually turned to chats in between word moves. Jasper’s first chat to me was “hi” and initially our chats consisted of cheering each other on and commenting on our current game. A few weeks after our first game, Jasper told me it was his birthday. That was when we began to talk more and get to know each other better. We started emailing and eventually Skyping each other. At the time, Jasper was living in Amsterdam. I couldn’t believe that I had met someone who was living 4,000 miles away and that it was randomly through my favorite game. After a few months of playing and chatting, we decided to take a leap of faith and meet in person.

Soon after we met, we fell in love, eventually got engaged and then married in 2011 – all while playing Words With Friends. We recently celebrated our third wedding anniversary and will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of our first game in November. Words With Friends was not only how we met, but our icebreaker. We already had our love for the game in common but we really got to know each other through the chat feature. Those first conversations and matches played are what started our unique love story.

Thanks to Words With Friends, I connected to the love of my life. I hope other players are inspired too – you just never know who you’ll connect with through words!

Happy 5th Year Anniversary!

Megan Lawless

*Photo Credit: Suzy Erickson Photography, Chicago, Illinois

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