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Words With Friends “Love Letters”: Smart Match Opponents Cross Paths in Real-Life

by on October 10, 2014

Dani-Shannon Words With Friends

Since 2009, millions of players connect and compete each day through word-play in Words With Friends. In celebration of the game’s five year anniversary, we’re sharing a few of our most inspiring stories of how players have connected with their family, friends and even random opponents in their own words. From strengthening existing relationships to fostering new friendships and even romances, their stories spell out how a passion for wordy competition means so much more than the tiles on the game board.  The connections made through Words With Friends are the reason the game has reached this meaningful five year milestone. We hope you’re as inspired by the anniversary “love letters” from our loyal players as much as we are!

 Dear Words With Friends,

I’m an avid Words With Friends player and use Smart Match to connect with other players all the time.

While waiting for a friend at Starbucks last year, I passed the time by playing a Smart Match opponent in Words With Friends. I was trying to come up with really strong word plays since she has been a strong competitor over the past few days. I remember getting excited about my high scoring word that I had just played. After a couple minutes of getting really competitive and playing words back and forth, I kept hearing a woman react near the table I was sitting at – almost on cue to when I was submitting my word! Finally after a few turns, I realized she was also playing a game on her phone. Right as I played a great word, she turned to her friend and said my word aloud. I thought to myself, “could I really be playing a random player that happens to be in the same Starbucks?”

I couldn’t believe it but I turned to her, we caught each other’s eyes and asked if we were both playing Words With Friends. It turns out we had been playing each other for several days! We ended up sitting and chatting for thirty minutes, bonding over life, work and families – learning that we lived only a few blocks from each other.

We became fast friends and use the chat feature in Words With Friends to communicate. A few months ago, she moved to a new state, but we continue to play Words With Friends together and chat to catch up through the game. What a small world!

Happy 5th Year Anniversary!

Danni-Shannon Witcher

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