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Words With Friends “Love Letters”: A Wordy Challenge Spells Out a Love Story

by on October 12, 2014

Luis Salas-Tull Words With Friends


Since 2009, millions of players connect and compete each day through word-play in Words With Friends. In celebration of the game’s five year anniversary, we’re sharing a few of our most inspiring stories of how players have connected with their family, friends and even random opponents in their own words. From strengthening existing relationships to fostering new friendships and even romances, their stories spell out how a passion for wordy competition means so much more than the tiles on the game board.  The connections made through Words With Friends are the reason the game has reached this meaningful five year milestone. We hope you’re as inspired by the anniversary “love letters” from our loyal players as much as we are!

Dear Words With Friends,

I met my soul mate through Words With Friends and I’m thrilled to share our story!

Our connection began in 2012, when I reached out on the Words With Friends Facebook page asking for people to challenge me to a friendly game. My username caught the attention of woman named Mayra and she challenged me to a match.  We played several times for about a month before we started talking through the in-game chat feature.  After a few chats, I learned that she was from California, we both had daughters, loved eating out, and had many things in common.

We continued connecting through our Words With Friends matches and our in-game chats evolved into learning more and more about each other from everything from work to life to family.  After a few months, we both came to realize that chatting in-game was no longer enough so she suggested Facebook. We began following each other’s lives through photos while playing new games and soon we decided to talk on the phone. Mayra and I exchanged phone numbers and I’ll never forget that first phone conversation with her a during a work break at work – a phone date that we now consider our anniversary.

When we decided to meet in person, I flew to San Jose to meet Mayra.  It was on that first trip that Mayra and I fell in love and we have traveled back and forth to visit each other several times – I soon hope to move closer to Mayra so we can begin the next chapter of our lives together. In the meantime, we are still playing Words With Friends every day and chatting in the game. I wasn’t even looking when I met the love of my life, but I’m so grateful to Words With Friends for introducing me to this wonderful person.

Now my co-worker says she’s playing the game to try to meet someone too. Thanks for creating a game that connects people in such a meaningful way.

Happy 5th Year Anniversary!

Luis Salas-Tull

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