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Words With Friends “Love Letters”: Two Players Ignite a Lasting Friendship Through Smart Match

by on October 13, 2014

Crystal Matula Words With Friends

Since 2009, millions of players connect and compete each day through word-play in Words With Friends. In celebration of the game’s five year anniversary, we’re sharing a few of our most inspiring stories of how players have connected with their family, friends and even random opponents in their own words. From strengthening existing relationships to fostering new friendships and even romances, their stories spell out how a passion for wordy competition means so much more than the tiles on the game board.  The connections made through Words With Friends are the reason the game has reached this meaningful five year milestone. We hope you’re as inspired by the anniversary “love letters” from our loyal players as much as we are!

Dear Words With Friends,

I have established a very meaningful friendship with a woman I now consider to be a motherly figure and important friend in my life, all thanks to Words With Friends! I first learned of the game by word of mouth when and played random opponents through the Smart Match feature, which is exactly how I met this very special woman named Jackie.

After we started playing, our friendship began with a simple introduction through the in-game chat.  We exchanged chats for a while until she explained that she has having difficulty typing on her phone. As a result, we exchanged email addresses and began to share more personal stories, which fostered a deeper friendship.

Jackie volunteers at animal sanctuaries and aquariums and loves to travel, most recently to Israel. She sends my family and I special mementos from her travels. For example, my son collects foreign currency as a hobby and she was so kind to send a bag of coins and bills for him to add to his collection – a very thoughtful and unexpected gift!

Our friendship blossomed over the years. We’ve laughed and cried with each other. We’ve rejoiced in accomplishments and carried each other’s grief. We’ve seen illness and death, moves, loss, joy, and happiness. We communicate entirely through hand-written cards, e-mails and Words With Friends in-game chat. Jackie has seen my children grow through the years from photos that I’ve sent her and considers them as her “adopted grandchildren”.  My husband and I have been close to tears by how much she’s touched our lives.

Jackie is a fantastic Words With Friends player – definitely better than me and we’ve been playing for about five years. I primarily play to connect and spend time with her, not to win the game. For me, it’s about the connection we’ve established.

For Jackie and I, the game really is “words with friends”. Thank you for creating something that really connects people to each other. Having Jackie as a friend has truly touched our lives.

Happy 5th Year Anniversary!

Crystal Matula

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