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Enjoy Some Player L-O-V-E from Words With Friends

by on February 10, 2015


This Valentine’s Day, we are taking the time to send a L-O-V-E letter (or two) to our loyal Words With Friends players for participating in our fourth annual Valentine’s Day Survey. This year, nearly 70,000 Words With Friends players gave us a sneak peek into all the ways they express their love on the game board and in the real-world.

Almost 1,000 people have found their perfect match through Words With Friends – and gotten married! While not all tiles led to marriage, tens of thousands of players have developed lasting connections (1 in 4 have even taken their relationship beyond the game), re-kindled old flames, stayed close with their loved ones and kept the spark alive, all through Words With Friends.

We also learned a ton about our players’ dating preferences – what turns them on, turns them off, and even a few secrets about where and when they can be found playing Words With Friends, including:

  • That’s my word don’t wear it out: When it comes to dating faux pas, overuse of a single word or phrase ranks #1 (among both men and women) as the worst of the wordy habits. So if you, like, find yourself saying “like” too much, you might want to ditch it on the date.
  • Poor grammar kills the mood for 1 in 4 men and nearly one third of women.
  • Bye bye Bae: Nearly half of all players surveyed (43%) want to see this popular pet name retired.  “Boo” was close behind, with nearly 1 in 3 players wanting to remove it from the romantic lexicon.
  • You’re shaggadelic baby! “Shagging” took the top spot for the sexy international word that players would love to see added to our everyday vernacular. However, it might be time to expand our global vocabularies – one third of Words With Friends players aren’t familiar with British terms “snogging”, “sharking” and “randy”.
  • Date night…is also game time: 40% of millennial Words With Friends players have played the game while out on a date.
  • Forget pillow talk: 90% of Words With Friends players contemplate their next move in bed.

Our hearts were warmed by the tales of love and connection we received from players near and far, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to remind you how very special you are to us. Thank you for your dedication, passion and, most importantly, your impeccable word play.

X’s and O’s!

*Methodology: Data was collected via an in-game poll from 69,279 Words With Friends players from January 26 through January 30, 2015.

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