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Fire in the Hole! Leagues and New Battle Environments Coming Soon to Empires & Allies

by on June 15, 2015


Atten-hut! Commanders, be aware of the following new features coming soon to Empires & Allies! The dev team has been hard at work on new updates, and we’re proud to share a glimpse of what’s in store. Keep the engines running on your Apaches and A-10s, because the following features are launching in the coming weeks:

  • Get Ready for Leagues! Players will soon get a chance to compete for the rank of supreme commander. With our new Leagues system, players with the highest medal count in player-versus-player mode will have a chance to win special in-game rewards, including exclusive flags and more. With new League seasons starting every week, and six tiers of multiple ranks, battles in each League will be fast, furious and fair.
  • Explore New Terrains and Battlefields: Take a look above at one of the awesome new battlefields from our environmental artists. Artic terrains, along with lakes, ponds and roads will provide new challenges and dynamic battlefields for commanders to overcome. Each terrain will be added throughout the globe in player-versus-environment mode and its location matched to its real-world coordinates on the map.
  • More Events Inbound: We just wrapped up our first in-game event, challenging players to upgrade their HQ for a chance to earn gold and constructions boosts. More events are on the way in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to our Twitter, Tumblror Facebook channels for the next one. Our favorite event participants will also be featured on our weekly live stream “Firepower Fridays” at tv/empiresandallies

Empires & Allies continues to build an army of players since its global launch last month, and we thank all commanders for their loyal service and feedback to help make Empires & Allies the best modern military strategy game on mobile today. By the numbers, since launch players have waged a whopping 160 million battles and liberated  71 million countries. Keep taking the fight to the GRA, and download Empires & Allies today on the App Store and Google Play.

Check out the explosive Empires & Allies trailer for more.

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