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Words With Friends Crowns the Ultimate Player Champion at the 2015 Wordie Games!

by on September 11, 2015


After months of intense competition spanning thousands of matches, Words With Friends crowned the ultimate player champion at the 2015 Wordie Games!

Held on Sept. 10th at Electronic Sports League studios in Burbank, Calif., the 2015 Wordie Games was the first-ever live Words With Friends player tournament. Selected out of 90,000 in-game participants, the finalists of the 2015 Wordie Games competed for the title of ultimate player champion and grand prize of $25,000. The Wordie Games were streamed live in-game, giving players around the world the opportunity to cheer on fellow Words With Friends fans.

Finalists Stephen Lydic, Mary Hansen, Conrad Bassett-Bouchard and Leesa Berahovich, competed head to head, with a little help and inspiration from celebrity coaches, and Words With Friends fans, Ian Somerhalder and Sophia Bush. In the end, Leesa Berahovich of Berkeley, Calif., was crowned the ultimate player champion, with the winning word “koi”.

“It’s an indescribable experience to be able to join fellow Words With Friends players to compete in the 2015 Wordie Games,” said Berahovich . “I feel elated and ecstatic to be named as the first-ever Words With Friends player champion.”

The coaches provided players with support and even a few of their favorite tips on finding the winning word and staying calm during the tournament.

“I can be crazy competitive and Words With Friends is one of my favorite ways to compete against my friends and family,” said Somerhalder. “Coaching in the 2015 Wordie Games was such a cool way to meet and play with other Words With Friends fans, plus it was fun getting to have some friendly head-to-head competition with my good friend Sophia Bush.”

“I have been playing Words With Friends for years and even competed in a charity tournament in 2012,” said Bush. “It was so exciting to work with the Words With Friends team again and get to actually coach and play alongside fellow Words With Friends players. I’m such a word nerd and I love playing Words With Friends when I’m taking a break during filming or when I get a chance to relax at home. It’s one of my favorite ways to unplug while still giving my brain a good workout.”

In addition to competing for the grand prize and championship title, finalists teamed up with their coaches for a friendly charitable tournament. The winning team, led by Somerhalder, donated their $5,000 prize to the ASPCA to support their mission of preventing animal cruelty.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2015 Wordie Games and congratulations to our Words With Friends champion Leesa Berahovich!




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