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Attention Commander: Alliance War Has Arrived!

by on October 1, 2015

Alliance war

Commanders, prepare your battlefield and get ready to wage war with a host of exciting updates now available in Empires & Allies! Check out the game today on the App Store and Google Play to gain access to explosive new features including:

  • Alliance War: Alliance War, the #1 most requested feature from you, our Commanders, is here! Starting today, teleport to a separate globe and fight with up to 100 players for total control in a robust player-versus-player format. During preparation for battle, players can reinforce fellow Alliance members and strengthen their own bases with strike force. Once your Alliance is victorious, share the spoils of war with your Alliance members and continue global domination!
  • Alliance Management and Troop Sharing: Better and more strategically manage your Alliance to exert more control over who joins your Alliance and the role they play in advancing the Alliance around the globe. Alliance leaders now have the ability to promote lieutenants and colonels, send Alliance announcements and supply Alliance members with key resources including tarmacs and rally flags. With the Troop Sharing feature, members of an Alliance can now gift one another troop resources for strategic advantage on the battlefield.
  • Surplus Cache: For Commanders who are HQ level 4 and above, new Surplus Cache crates will be unlocked to reveal boosts, medals, skins and more.

Stay updated on the latest news on Empires & Allies by following the game’s YouTubeTwitterTumblr and Facebook channels. Also, tune in to the dev team’s weekly live stream “Firepower Fridays” at this Friday, October 2 at 3:00 p.m. PT for a deep dive on mastering Alliance Wars.

See you on the battlefield!

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