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Commanders, Prepare for the War Factory!

by on October 29, 2015



Attention Commanders, be aware that there is a new update headed to the battlefield. Beginning today, Empires & Allies players will have clearance to access the War Factory, bringing never-before-seen levels of defensive and offensive strategy to their base.

We have heard from many of our Commanders that they want more ways to arm their base to make it stronger against enemy attacks. With the new War Factory crafting mechanic, players can enhance their preferred method of game play, whether it’s stocking up on new defensive weapons to better protect their base or earning power-ups to bolster their offensive strategy when launching attacks around the globe.

Check out the game today on the App Store and Google Play to access the War Factory and its explosive features including:

  • Stealth Generator: With the Stealth Generator, Commanders can cloak areas of their base, making them virtually invisible to attackers.
  • Air-Med Dronehive: The Air-Med Dronehive heals your base in real-time to improve your chances of surviving an incoming enemy attack.
  • Weapons Command Power-Up: For players who are offensively-minded, earning Weapons Command Power-Ups will boost their offensive power giving them strategic advantages when attacking, such as the ability to drop a nuke first on their opponent. Using Command Power-Ups is especially helpful in taking on bases that have deployed the defensive tools of the War Factory.

In addition to the War Factory, players will have access to two new and exciting features in the latest update. Since launching Empires & Allies, one of the top requests from our players is the ability to change their name. Starting today, players in Empires & Allies can now swap out their original name for a new in-game name. Also included in the update is an enhanced League Leaderboard which supplies all League players with the same number of medals, enabling them to climb the Leaderboard as they engage in fast, furious and fair battles.

Stay tuned for more news on Empires & Allies by following the game’s YouTubeTwitter,Tumblr and Facebook channels. Also tune in to the dev team’s weekly live stream “Firepower Fridays” at

See you on the battlefield!

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