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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Crazy Cake Swap!

by on March 31, 2016

With Zynga’s brand new Match-3 game, Crazy Cake Swap, players can have their cake and eat it too! Starting today, Crazy Cake Swap, an egg-scrambling, whisk-it good, baker’s dozen of a mobile puzzler set within the adorable atmosphere of a cook’s kitchen, is available to play worldwide on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for Kindle devices.

Fresh out of the oven, Crazy Cake Swap is a hot take on the popular Match-3 genre, inviting players into a delectably delightful neighborhood bakeshop to find the perfect swap and match strategy for their recipe to success. Players can access 225 scrumptiously sweet levels to decorate and conquer.

In Crazy Cake Swap, players run through the recipe of increasingly challenging puzzle play with help from none other than their very own friends and family, swiping and swapping tasty treats to win. Players can add and share their own unique photos of friends, family and even pets to be the stars of their crazy confectionery creations. And where there’s a whisk, there’s a way! Level Lifelines are baked into the game, so if a player is having a particularly hard time completing a level, they can ask a friend to lend a helping hand and stir things up.

Join your foodie friends in Crazy Cake Swap today!


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